Mo – Creative Director

Having been a professional, semi-professional and amateur musician for over 40 years, Mo has played the trumpet in lead roles with a number of big bands and ensembles.

The concept of the BandStands Music Desk has been refined for over 20 years, having gone through many rounds of research, prototyping and redevelopment to get to the final product you see today.

Stands were once constructed from MDF, then metal, and in more recent years Polypropylene, a material renowned for being recyclable, lightweight, resistant to mold and unlikely to shatter.

Heights, angles, shapes and materials have all been rigorously tested and successfully trialed by several local big bands, taking feedback into account from players across all instruments.

In April 2017 we started expanding our range of innovative music stand-specific solutions to include the EZ Music Stand Banner and EZ Music Stand Extender.